The latest Autumn I’ve ever experienced

A must-have in any garden if you love fragrance and color

In the full throws of Autumn, this late in the year is quite alarming. It’s December 2nd, and the leaves have started to fall in earnest, carpeting anything with a horizontal plane with a colorful texture of detritus.

The photos in this post have been taken over the last couple of weeks, with more color than I had thought, given the drought we were in during the last weeks of Summer.

Finally some Autmnal color!

But it is the little things, that not everyone sees, that a gardener sees, that tells you that something is off, not quite right. Besides the tardiness of full-on Autumn, things like the Witch Hazel, blooming fully, but still with its leaves attached.

Will someone please knock some sense into all Republicans and the other naysayers on climate change that we have to do something NOW.

Japanese Maples rarely disappoint.
Leaves and blooms!?
Last gasp of a Bougainvillea.
Colorful Beauty berries ripe for the picking. 


© 2019 Michael Roseberry. Photos taken with Nikon D3300.

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