Full-Swing Spring 2019

Spring is in full swing here in the 804. Wonderful, colorful sights to behold. I’ve been choring up every chance I get, pulling the heavy, cool season Spring weeds. We’ve had copious amounts of rain and warmer weather, so everything is wanting to pop up, pop out and just plain pop! We’ve taken a hiatus from planting anything really this year so far, with the … Continue reading Full-Swing Spring 2019

How and when to prune Hydrangea – REDUX

This is a redux of a post I did last March. Now is a good time for some proper maintenance on some of the shrubs around the garden. Please enjoy! There seems to be some confusion as to when and how to prune Hydrangea. I know I still have to remember the few rules, seemingly every year. I know how and when to prune one … Continue reading How and when to prune Hydrangea – REDUX

Goodbye Polar Vortex

We survived. The Polar Vortex is gone. For now. In fact, the temps are supposed to rise this week and reach the 70s! Unreal! But I’ll take it. We were luckier than most in the country. We got down a couple of mornings to 11°F or -11.666°C or even colder sounding -117.5°De. Silly French astronomers. I huddled my outdoor bonsai together and covered them with … Continue reading Goodbye Polar Vortex