Season of the Soul

“Notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.” Friedrich Nietzsche     The anxiety one feels when someone or something is late is palpable. Autumn this year seems infuriatingly slow to rear its head. As of October 31, only a few of the leaves here have changed into their fleeting array of autumnal colors.   Most leaves on the trees are still green, albeit tattered and worn from … Continue reading Season of the Soul

The best starter orchid?

Most people start out with Phalaenopsis orchids, or Moth orchids. These are found at most grocery stores, hardware stores and flower shops. Sometimes they come in unreal colors like blue or bright pink or even green. These are actually white Phalaenopsis that have been injected with a dye. If you are able to keep it alive and able to get it to re-bloom, they will … Continue reading The best starter orchid?

Ahhh, the Virginia climate…

Virginia. We never know what is coming next. Weather-wise, that is. One minute it is hot, the next it’s cold. One minute you are having the most rain ever recorded, the next you are living through what seems like the visit to the surface of Mercury. We just made it out of our second Hurricane of the season, Hurricane Michael. While, if I really had … Continue reading Ahhh, the Virginia climate…

Blooming Vanda #2 in the tree

My second Vanda is in bloom! The color is darker, more purple than the photo shows, but I still like it. We’ve had great weather this year for outdoor orchids. Very wet, very humid and hot. These hang in the trees, getting dappled sunlight, and the overhead canopy keeps the humid air from escaping, great for them and the understory plants like the ferns I … Continue reading Blooming Vanda #2 in the tree